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State Auditor Has Released the Knox County Audit Follow-up Report

JEFFERSON CITY (May 22, 2013) – State Auditor Tom Schweich today released the follow-up report to his Dec. 2012 audit of Knox County.

Here are the findings from Schweich’s audit and their current status:
Financial Condition: In Progress
Property Taxes: Implemented
Account Book and Annual Settlements: In Progress
Tax Books: Implemented
Receipts: In Progress
Capital Improvement Sales Tax: Implemented
Fuel and Vehicle Use: In Progress
Employee Leave Records/Compensatory Time: Implemented
Prosecuting Attorney/Supervisory Review Implemented
Receipts and Deposits Implemented
Disbursements Implemented
Liabilities and Unidentified Balances: In Progress
Donations: Not Implemented

Schweich is the first state auditor in Missouri to implement a follow-up program. Schweich created the Auditor’s Follow-Up Team to Effect Recommendations (AFTER), by which his staff returns to audited entities that received a “poor” or low “fair” on his rating scale.

Click here to read the full follow-up report for Knox County. 


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