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The Edina Sentinel Sports CD set is currently available. Please contact the Edina Sentinel office at 660-397-2226 or e-mail to reserve your copy.

This time around we will take CD requests rather than making up large numbers ahead. Please leave a phone number or e-mail address. I will try and contact you with a pick up date within seven days. Due to large file sizes of many images, we have three CD available. The Fall, Winter and Spring sports seasons are represented. At least 90 images are on each CD.

The Spring Sports CD also has images from the Knox County Graduation, Brashear and North Shelby Track and Field.

We offer the disks for $5 each or 3 for $10. As in past seasons, The Edina Sentinel retains photo credit rights if you wish to publish any images on a competing media web site, newspaper, magazine or other publications.

Please respect the competitors shown by not altering any image with the intent of harassing or demeaning those depicted. We also ask that anyone possessing our picture CDs post our images on social media in a respectful manner. The Edina Sentinel reserves the right to take any necessary action to prevent misuse of our images.

Sentinel Sports CD AvailableWe will take CD orders up to and including Friday, August 2 at 5PM. Upon request the Knox County, Brashear and North Shelby school districts will be provided all three CDs without charge. Backup disks will be created and retained. After August 2, 2013 we will begin clearing our hard drives for the upcoming season.