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LaGrange Police Killing Non Aggressive Dog Video Picking Up Attention On Facebook

By Echo Menges

CammiA video of LaGrange Police Officer, Doug Howell, shooting and killing a non-aggressive dog, a bulldog named Cammi, which belonged to Marcus Mays of LaGrange, has been posted numerous times and viewed well over two million times on YouTube.

The video of the incident, which occurred in 2010, portrays the dog frisky at first, another officer un-holstering his weapon within the first minute or so and pointing it at the animal, but later portrays officers nonchalantly moving in and out of the frame around what looks to be a subdued, non-threatening dog.

Officer HowellAs seen in the video, once Howell gets the dog secured at the end of an “animal control poll” he un-holsters his gun and shoots the animal who is, lying in a grassy area, wagging it’s tail at the officer just before being shot to death.

Mays filed suit against the City of LaGrange and in April of 2013 the city settled the case for $50,000 just before the case was scheduled to be heard in Federal Court, according to a report by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

We attempted to contact a representative of the LaGrange Police Department concerning the video and its rekindled flare of popularity, which most recently seems to be picking up steam on the social networking website, Facebook, with well over 50,000 views as of Monday afternoon, July 1, 2013, but were redirected to the City Attorney’s office. A comment from the LaGrange Police Department or the City Attorney’s office was not obtained by

The video can easily be found on YouTube. It is graphic in nature and may be offensive to some viewers.