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Baby Jesus Stolen From Edina Nativity Scene – Reward Offered

DSC_0441On Thursday, November 20, 2014, Edina Police Chief Kelly Hayes set out the Nativity scene east of The Citizens Bank of Edina on South Main Street just as he has done every year for the past several years.

The following Monday, November 24, Chief Hayes looked over the bank’s Christmas decorations and checked the display to discover the baby Jesus piece of the Nativity collection was missing.

According to Chief Hayes, Citizens Bank President Doug Mayer and Vice-president Anne Fisher, in the over 20 years the bank has been displaying the Nativity scene none of the pieces have ever been taken or gone missing, and they want baby Jesus back.

“If they do the right thing and bring it back there will be no questions asked, but if I find them first I’m pressing charges. I’m not going to put up with this,” said Chief Hayes.

Citizens Bank of Edina is offering a reward for the return of the piece or information that leads to the return of the piece. They are also asking whoever took the baby Jesus figure from the Nativity to bring it back, mail it back, leave it in the bank drop box or put it back in the Nativity scene.

This is what the missing baby Jesus piece of the Nativity scene looks like.

This is what the missing baby Jesus piece of the Nativity scene looks like.

The missing piece is approximately ten inches in length and is made of painted plastic.

The Nativity scene was acquired by past Bank President Jim Anderson and is of sentimental value to the employees of the bank and the citizens of Edina.

The Citizens Bank parking lot, where the Nativity scene is located, is under video surveillance. Chief Hayes will be looking over several days worth of video recordings to try to identify the culprit.

Tips and information about where to find the missing piece can be called in or mailed in to the Citizens Bank of Edina. The address and phone number is listed below.

Citizens Bank of Edina
117 S. Main St.
Edina, MO 63537
P.O. BOX 189
Edina MO 63537