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Missing Baby Jesus Returned To Edina Nativity Scene

The Edina Police Department has found and returned the missing baby Jesus figure to the Citizens Bank of Edina Nativity Scene. Several people have referred to the recovery as, “a Christmas miracle.”

Missing JesusThe baby Jesus figure was discovered missing by Edina Police Chief Kelly Hayes, prior to Thanksgiving weekend, on November 24, 2014.

Hayes set up the bank’s Nativity scene on Thursday, November 20, just as he has done for several years. When he went back to check the display the following Monday the baby Jesus figure was gone.

WGEMSince that time the case of the missing Jesus has gained attention from local media outlets and even appeared on the evening local news, Channel 10 – WGEM.

One of the most interesting facts about the story being in over 20 years of displaying the scene, none of the pieces had ever been taken until this year.

Citizens Bank officials offered a reward for the return of the figure and hoped whoever the culprit was would return it in the spirit of Christmas.

According to Chief Hayes, Edina Police Officer Robert Becker received a tip about where to find the missing baby Jesus on Tuesday, December 23, and alerted the Edina officer on duty, David Fagin, who retrieved the figure at approximately 6:30 p.m. the same day.

Chief Hayes told The Edina Sentinel the figure was retrieved from an Edina residence but won’t release any more details about who took it or exactly where it was found until after Christmas.

“We’re still sorting some things out,” said Hayes.

It is unclear if anyone will receive the reward offered by the bank for the return of the figure. We’ll all have to wait until after Christmas to hear any more details concerning this case.

Returned Jesus Christmas Eve 2014Baby JesusEmployees of the Citizens Bank of Edina say they are just happy to have the missing piece returned in time for Christmas. All of the bank employees gathered in the bank parking lot after work on Christmas Eve to watch as the baby Jesus figure was placed back in the Nativity scene and, while posing for a picture with the completed scene, sang, “Away In A Manger.”