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Man Rescued After Accidental Fall Into Edina Ravine

An Edina man, Al Grant, was rescued by Knox County Ambulance, Fire and Rescue Squad personnel after accidentally falling into a deep ravine off South Wilson Street in southwest Edina Friday afternoon, May 1, 2015.

According to a rescuer, Grant slipped and fell into the ravine while emptying a handcart full of debris near the edge. He was standing on unstable ground when he lost his footing and tumbled in.

Grant had his cell phone and was able to call his wife, Pat, to the area. She alerted a neighbor who called authorities for help.

Knox County Ambulance District personnel climbed down into the ravine and secured Grant to a stretcher before members of the Edina Fire Department and Knox County Rescue Squad pulled him to the top of the ravine using a rope, which was tied to the top of the stretcher.

Grant could be seen moving one of his arms and heard talking to rescuers while he was in the ravine and being lifted out.

It is unknown how seriously he is injured.

He was transported to the Northeast Regional Hospital in Kirksville by a Knox County ambulance.