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Cleanup Begins For Edina Flooded Businesses – PHOTOS – VIDEO

On Friday morning, June 26, 2015, local business owners and employees began to cleanup several flooded businesses inside the Hunter Building, which flooded the day before during a flash flood that overtook a low lying area.

The businesses inside the Hunter Building include: Mystical Dreams Massage, H2Grafx Graphic Design, House of Beauty, Knox County Pharmacy and State Farm Insurance. The photos accompanying this post were taken inside the Hunter Building Friday morning. Most of the contents of the businesses occupying building had already been cleaned out.

According to a representative of the Knox County Pharmacy, plans are being made to get citizens their needed medicines. As soon as we know more details we will pass them along.

According to a representative of the Edina Farm & Home store, also flooded during Friday’s flash flood, cleanup will not begin until after the insurance adjusters have had a chance to evaluate the damage.

A representative of the Sinclair Station, which was also under water on Friday, reported that they hope to have the station open as soon as they can complete cleanup to the area.

Recorded Live Stream  of Flooded Business Area

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