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LaBelle Flower Project

By Emilie Rumble


LaBelle 1st Place Kaylor HayesThere is a welcome at each entrance into the City of LaBelle from North to South and East to West – a Welcome to LaBelle sign surrounded by a beautiful bed of flowers.

In years past, citizens of the community have volunteered to plant the flower beds – some with perennials and some with annuals during the spring of the year.


LaBelle Christian Youth 2nd PlaceThis year, a project/contest was initiated for beautifying the entrances to the city.  Rules for the contest stated that annuals had to be planted.  The boxes had to be weeded regularly and cared for throughout the season.  Following the first frost the boxes must be cleared.

The contestants of the LaBelle Flower project were encouraged to enter with a prize purse for their efforts.


Mt Olive BC 3rd place tie  Businesses contributing to the project included Hamlin-Davis Hardware, New Century Computers, Generations, Small Town Guns, Town & Country Bank Midwest, MFA Exchange, Lumley Locker, Bait Shop, Turpin Trucking and Casey’s General Store.

Entrants included Mt. Olive Baptist Church assigned to the east entrance, Isabella Lay assigned the west entrance, LaBelle Christian Youth Group was assigned the south entrance, and the north entrance was assigned to Brent Kaylor and Tracy Hayes.

LaBelle Isabella Lay winner Five judges awarded points for the entries.  When the points were tallied, the Flower Project participants were announced by Phyllis Rogers during the La Belle Harvest Fest on Saturday morning, August 15.

The first place prize of $200.00 was awarded to the north entrance planted by Brent Kaylor and Tracy Hayes planted in purple Vinca and Petunias, green and white foliage and deep purple foliage; the second place prize of $100.00 was awarded to the south entrance planted in pink and white Vinca planted by the First Christian Church Youth Group including Blake Kramer, Riley and Carley Miller, Devon Stutsman, Madison and Ellie TenEyck; the east and west entrances tied in points, Mt. Olive Baptist Church of LaBelle, represented by Roy and Ottie Lewis, planting the Hwy 6 east entrance being planted in orange and yellow marigolds; and Isabella Lay planting the Hwy 6 West flower box in pink Vinca and red begonias, both entries were awarded third place prizes of $50.00.