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NO BUGS Found At Clothes Closet In Edina

According to Rev. Sam Smith of the United Methodist Church Parish office in Edina, The Clothes Closet, which is an Edina thrift store supported by the United Methodist Church, no evidence of bedbugs has been found in the building.

The Clothes Closet was professionally inspected by Reliable Pest Solutions out of Hannibal, MO, on Monday, December 7, 2015.

“They did not find any evidence of bugs in the building,” said Pastor Smith.

Over the last week there has been much talk about the possibility of The Clothes Closet having bedbugs, which has kept some customers from frequenting the store.

The store was blamed for giving the bugs to The Blessing Center, a residential care facility in Edina, by the facility Administrator in a story published by The Edina Sentinel/ last week, which raised several serious concerns about The Blessing Center reported by a whistleblower.

The Clothes Closet hired Reliable Pest Solutions to professionally inspect the building for bedbugs in response to the unfounded claim. Also, The Clothes Closet has decided to go on the offensive and will be taking preventative pest control measures by having the building professionally sprayed regularly going forward.