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Toilet Geysers: Edina Toilets Erupt During Sewer Work

Over the last week some Edina residents have reported toilet water eruptions and sewer gas in their homes. The reports came after new sewer main clean-out work began, which is part of the city’s massive sewer project.

“When they push water up through the line it creates a vacuum, which will sometimes suck traps dry or push air up through the line to push the water in the toilet and in the trap out,” said Edina Utilities Supervisor Ty Parrish.

The effect of these “sewer burps” have caused a number of Edina toilets to expel all of the water in the toilet bowl and P -trap up into the air and all over bathroom floors.

According to Edina City Clerk Margaret Gibson and City Collector Melissa Yoakum, last week City Hall was inundated with complaints about toilet geysers and sewer lines being sucked dry, which led to several houses being filled with sewer gas.

City officials recommend residents keep their toilet lids closed to help contain toilet water if a sewer burp occurs, check traps regularly if sewer work is being done in the vicinity and run a small amount of water to fill the traps back up if needed. Also, check and clear rooftop sewer vents of debris like bird nests. A clogged sewer vent will make sewer pressure worse.

Edina sewer mains will continue to be cleaned out for inspection as part of the sewer project. If any property damage is caused by a sewer pressure fluctuation as a result of cleaning the sewer lines, residents are encouraged to report it to City Hall.