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Edina City Council Meeting on December 14, 2015 VIDEO

The Edina City Council held a regular monthly meeting on Monday, December 14, 2015. Below is a recorded video of the meeting in its entirety. Time codes are listed below for those interested in specific agenda items.

Here is breakdown of some of the highlights of the meeting with the corresponding approximate time codes (hours:minutes:seconds/00:00:00). If you’re interested in something specific you can fast-forward to it.

Call to Order & Pledge of Allegiance 00:02:00

Reading of Minutes 00:03:38

Collector’s Report 00:12:10

Treasurer’s Report 00:19:04

Donnie and Debbie Crim (Re: Property Near City Lake) 00:20:00

Mark Bross, Kilinger & Associates (Sewer Project) 00:30:00

Proposed Budget for 2016 and Approval 00:40:00

Monthly Bills 02:00:00

Extended Hours for Liquor License Holders on New Year’s Eve 2:13:00

Alderman Comments (Alderman Alberty Resigns) 02:14:00