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Zedonk: Half Zebra Half Donkey Crossbreed Born In Knox – VIDEO

An interesting newborn has been introduced into the world in rural Knox County. On Tuesday night, January 5, 2016, a zebra-donkey crossbreed was born on the Ted Mann Farm west of Edina.

The zebra-donkey foal has been dubbed “Zedonk” by Mr. Mann and his family. The foal has the legs of a zebra and the body of a donkey.

ZebraZedonk was sired (fathered) by a 6 to 7-year-old male zebra named Bubba. The mare (mother) is a 6-year-old female donkey called Spot.

According to Mann, the foal is believed to be female. Also, Bubba the zebra has sired two other female donkeys on the farm.

“Sometime this year, next summer or early fall, we’ll have two more,” said Mann.