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Edina City Council Meeting January 11, 2016 – Time Codes & VIDEO

The Edina City Council regular monthly meeting was held on January 11, 2016 at the Edina City Hall. Below is a video recording of the meeting, which was originally live streamed on the Knox County Live Stream page of this site.

Below is a list of agenda items and/or topics discussed with corresponding time codes.

hours:minutes:seconds = 00:00:00

Scroll past time codes to see the video.

Call to Order – Start Video
Pledge of Alliance
Reading of December 2015 Minutes – 00:02:15
Collector’s Report: 00:08:15
Council Seating Arrangement Change 00:09:30
Appointment of New Alderman Ronnie Leckbee and Swear In 00:10:50
Monthly Bills – 00:15:14
Edina Sewer Project with Engineer Mark Bross – 00:17:30
Utilities Supervisor Report with Ty Parrish – 00:32:30
Wastewater Superintendent Report with Mike Wriedt  – 00:36:10
Chief of Police Report with Kelly Hayes – 00:41:46
Alderman Comments and Adjournment