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8 File For 6 Seats On Opening Day Of Filing In Knox County

According to Knox County Clerk Marlene Spory, opening day of filing for elected Knox County seats ran smoothly in the Clerk’s office.

The first day to file as a candidate for the Knox County offices of Sheriff, Eastern District Commissioner, Western District Commissioner, Assessor, Coroner and Public Administrator was Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at the Knox County Courthouse.

Eight people filed for six elected positions.

The current Eastern District Commissioner Mike Fox (D) was the first in line to file the morning of opening day. Fox, an appointee of Governor Jay Nixon (D) last year, has yet to be challenged for the seat.

Incumbent Assessor Anita James (R) was second in line to file. No challengers have filed for the Assessor seat, so far.

Newcomer Carl Knoche (D) was third in line and filed for the Sheriff seat, which is the only office not filed for by the incumbent on opening day.

Incumbent Public Administrator Theresa Hamlin (R) also filed on opening day. No challengers have filed for the Public Administrator seat, so far.

Only two seats have had more than one candidate file. Incumbent Roger Parton (D) and challenger Wayne Ray (R) filed for the Western District Commissioner seat. And, incumbent Jeff Doss (D) and challenger James B. Hamlin (R) filed for the Coroner seat.

Those thinking about filing for a Knox County office up for election in 2016 have plenty of time to file. Filing will close at the end of the business day on Tuesday, March 29, 2016.

“Candidates should bring their ID and a $50 receipt from their supporting political party with them when they come to sign up,” said Spory.

For more information about filing for a Knox County office contact the County Clerk’s office at (660)397-2184.