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Edina City Council Meeting on March 14, 2016 VIDEO with Time Codes

Edina City Council Meeting on March 14, 2016

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Time Codes (00:00:00 = hours : minutes : seconds)

Call to Order 00:01:49

Reading of Minutes 00:03:29

Collector’s Report 00:09:33

Treasurer’s Report 00:11:06

Monthly Bills 00:13:18

Clarence Cannon Water Commission Representative & Alternate Needed 100:14:30

Citizen Comments/Pit Bull Ordinance 00:17:30

Sewer Project Update/Mark Bross 00:27:15

*Lining crew to start late in April

*Why not on time? 00:33:01

*Man Holes 00:38:30

*Pay Requests 00:40:30

*Hagerla Sewer Line 00:43:40

*Fulton/Clay Private Line Issue 48:20

Department Reports

*Ty Parrish, Supervisor of Utilities 01:16:52

*Mike Wriedt, Wastewater Superintendent 01:31:15

*Kelly Hayes, Chief of Police/Cont. Pit Bull Discussion 01:33:00

New Business 01:41:47

Relay for Life 01:41:59

Strange Building Permit 01:43:36

No Haying Bids Came In 1:46:38

Alderman Comments

Vote to go into Closed Meeting