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Edina City Council Meeting on April 11, 2016: Sewer Project Update, Swearing In, more… VIDEO with Time Codes

Edina City Council Meeting on April 11, 2016

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Time Codes (00:00:00 = hours : minutes : seconds)

Call to Order

Invocation 00:02:00

Pledge of Allegiance

Reading of Minutes 00:03:00

Collector’s Report 00:12:00

Water/Sewer Bill Write-Off Discussion (concerning delinquent accounts) 00:19:00

Treasurer’s Report, Peggy Collinge (expresses her appreciation to Mayor Davy Strickler for his time in office) 00:21:49

Monthly Bills 00:21:49

Sewer Update with Mark Bross, Klingner & Associates 00:23:44

-Pay Requests 00:28:32

-Manholes 00:41:30

Certification of April 5, 2016 Municipal Election 01:01:00

Citizen Comment – John Bode in appreciation of Mayor Strickler 01:04:00

Oaths of Office of Mayor Eric Hunolt, First Ward Alderwoman Renee Edwards, Second Ward Alderman Ron Stansberry, Third Ward Alderman Ryan Mason) 01:05:40

RECESS (reception for outgoing officials)

Call to Order

Proclamation to Davy Strickler by City Attorney Tom Deveny 01:30:04

Department Reports

-Ty Parrish, Utilities Supervisor 01:36:01

Potholes at Edina Post Office 02:08:30

Stop Sign Suggestion 02:15:16

Sewer Project Liner Display 02:20:00

-Mike Wriedt, Wastewater Superintendent 02:20:00 (approx.)

-Kelly Hayes, Chief of Police 02:40:20

New Business

Application for Building Permit, 105 N. Baker 02:44:00

City Lake Haying Bids/accepted only bid for $10 per acre 02:45:40

Check Authorization

Alderman Comments