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City of Edina Under Boil Order After Water Main Break

A boil order for the City of Edina has been issued, which is due to a break in the water main in the northeast section of the city.

According to Edina Mayor Eric Hunolt, the water main failure was discovered at approximately 5:30 p.m. Sunday, May 15, 2016 at the Edina Ball Field. The water main has since been turned off. The City Work Crew is expected to repair the water main within 24-hours. In the meantime, Edina water customers are asked to please conserve water as much as possible because the city’s water service is running off of the water tower only.

Once water service is restored to the water main, the boil order will continue for 48-hours.

Boil orders are issued whenever there is a break in a water main to protect the public in the effected area from things like bacteria, which may enter the line.

Below is a video of the Edina Ball Field, which is covered in water from the broken water main.