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Edina City Council Meeting on July 11, 2016 VIDEO with Time Codes

The following video was recorded by Echo Menges on Monday, July 11, 2016 at the regularly scheduled Edina City Council Meeting at the Edina City Hall.

Scroll down for time codes. By using the time codes, you can go straight to the topic you are looking for.

Hours : Minutes : Seconds = 00:00:00

Edina City Council Meeting on Monday, July 11, 2016 Time Codes

Call to Order 00:01:30

Invocation 00:01:43

Pledge of Allegiance 00:02:24

Reading of Minutes from June Meeting by Margaret Gibson, City Clerk 00:02:45

Collectors Report by Melissa Yoakum, Collector/Billing Clerk 00:06:53

Treasurer’s Report (Issued to Council in Writing) 00:08:22

Monthly Bills First Pass 00:09:00

Citizen Comments

John Bode, Knox County Community Development President discusses turning former Edina Country Club buildings over to the City 00:11:20

Monica Zahn, Edina citizen requesting stop sign on Broadway and Shumate 00:18:45

Sewer Project Update, Mark Bross representing Klingner & Associates 00:23:30

Break 01:42:00

Monthly Bills Second Pass and VOTE 01:44:15

Edina Lake Property Proposal by Jeff Doss 01:44:30

VOTE to grant permission for Doss and supporters to move forward 02:24:30 (The Council states there was a vote at 02:30:00, but it was confusing as to when the ACTUAL vote occurred.)

New Business Application for Liquor License for former VFW Bar as a new Bar & Grill named “Eljay’s Bar & Grill” by Lisa Shrouf 02:30:48

02:36:00 Bar & Grill approval VOTE

Department Reports:

Supervisor of Utilities Ty Parrish 02:42:28

Wastewater Treatment superintendent Mike Wriedt 03:18:07

Edina Police Office Kisha Goodwin 03:18:40

Unfinished Business Traffic Sign Request 03:19:00

Yield Sign VOTE 03:34:05

Alderman Comments 03:36:20

Adjourn 03:38:42