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Edina City Council Meeting on October 10, 2016 VIDEO with TIME CODES

The following video was recorded by Echo Menges for The Edina Sentinel during the Edina City Council Meeting held on Monday evening, October 10, 2016, which is open to the public. Scroll down for time codes.

Hours : Minutes : Seconds = 00:00:00

Times are approximate.

Edina City Council Meeting on Monday, October 10, 2016

Call to Order  00:04:03


Pledge of Allegiance

Reading of Minutes from June Meeting by Melissa Yoakum, Collector 00:05:10

Collectors Report by Melissa Yoakum, Collector 00:14:30

Treasurer’s Report: Nothing this month. 00:15:30

Monthly Bills First Pass 00:15:50

Citizen Comments: Echo Menges invites the City to host a table at Safe Stop on Halloween 00:17:30

Sewer Project Update: Memo from Mark Bross representing Klingner & Associates, votes needed to pursue Purcell Street Lift Station Project 00:18:30

Department Reports:

Supervisor of Utilities Ty Parrish: Street Rapairs, Ambulance District Sewer Smell, City Right-of-Way along Highways 00:20:45

Wastewater Treatment Superintendent Mike Wriedt: Unexpected expense to Wastewater Treatment Facility Wiring Project to the tune of $10,000 00:35:00

Edina Police Chief Kelly Hayes: Checking into 14 Edina properties owned by Asa Shaw, trying to set up a meeting with Shaw’s representative, still trying to locate where the properties are 00:52:41

New Business 00:57:00

Alderman Comments 00:57:25

Adjourn 01:02:16