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Knox County Candidate Forum – Bone Up on Local Candidates Before the Election

This was originally posted on July 15, 2016.

The Knox County Candidate Forum was held at the Knox County Community Center on Thrusday evening, July 14, 2016. Every county level 2016 candidate running for elected office participated in the event, opposed and unopposed. This forum was made possible thanks to a joint effort by The Edina Sentinel, KMEM-FM Radio Station and the Knox County Community Center.

Questions for the candidates were submitted by members of the community and journalists leading up to the event. The forum was open to the public and simultaneously broadcast live on KMEM-FM 100.5 and live streamed on The event was moderated by NEMO News Media Group Publisher Mike Scott of Kahoka, MO.

For those who did not listen to the forum live on KMEM-FM 100.5 radio station, audio of the event, provided by Ken Mitchell, is included below:


Watch the full Knox County Candidate Forum below. (Scroll down for time codes.)

Candidate Forum Time Codes

hours : minutes : seconds = 00:00:00

Introduction from Rick Fischer, KMEM-FM Radio Host 00:03:20

Welcome from Mike Scott, Forum Moderator 00:03:48

Special Thanks from State Rep. Craig Redmon 00:04:13

Introduction of Candidates 00:05:19

Commissioner Candidates Q&A 00:06:30

Sheriff Candidates Q&A 00:32:03

Public Administrator Candidates Q&A 00:52:52

Intermission 01:01:40

End of Intermission Intro from Rick Fischer 01:12:20

Assessor Candidate Q&A 01:13:30

Coroner Candidates Q&A 01:15:22

All Candidates Q&A 01:25:55

Special Thanks from Mike Scott 01:57:22

Candidate Closing Statements 01:58:19

Closing from Mike Scott 02:06:05