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Edina City Council Meeting on January 9, 2017 – VIDEO with Time Codes

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Edina City Council Meeting on Monday, January 9, 2017

Call to Order 00:01:10


Pledge of Allegiance

Reading of Minutes from June Meeting by Margaret Gibson, City Clerk 00:01:35

Collectors Report by Kathy Poore 00:05:00

Treasurer’s Report by Peggy Collinge, Treasurer 00:06:00

Monthly Bills 00:06:40

Update on Sewer Project by Mark Bross, Klingner & Assiciates 00:07:00

*Purcell Street Lift Station Project 00:07:20

*Municipal Pipe and Tool: All but point repair done. They are 291 days late as of the meeting and could face penalty of $145,000. 00:08:00

*Utility Solutions: Manhole issues, problems getting concrete 00:09:15

*Generator Equipment: Will arrive in February. 00:11:40

*Liquidated Damages discussion about withholding retainage of $136,000 from Municipal Pipe and Tool. 00:11:40

Ameren MO Customer Service Representative, Annette Sweet, gives information. 00:29:40

*Energy Program handouts 00:30:20

*New Rate Process 00:31:00

*Downtown Lighting: Think about going to LED. 00:32:30

*Ice Storm Prep 00:44:30

Department Reports:

Supervisor of Utilities Ty Parrish 00:49:31

*Vote to get a new trash truck for the City.

Wastewater Treatment superintendent Mike Wriedt 00:58:00

*Flow problems could have been caused by a false meter reading. Gunk in the unit.

Edina Police Chief Kelly Hayes 01:03:25

*Resignation submitted prior to meeting effective February 2. Discussion. Application deadline.

Unfinished Business 01:07:00

*Courthouse Downspouts: Are they connected to the sewer system? Discussion with Steve Peters. 01:07:50

New Business

*100 North Main only half way torn down. What’s going on? 01:12:20

*WiFi service with Mark Twain 01:14:00

*Steve Peters request about North Street property as a business or rental. 01:14:51

Alderman Comments

Adjourn 01:23:30