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Child Accidentally Stabs Self in Stomach

According to the Knox County Sheriff Robert Becker, on Thursday morning, June 1, 2017, a two-year-old child accidentally stabbed them self in the stomach at a home on North McCoy Street in Knox City.

The child was trying to cut an apple with a paring knife when the knife slipped and the child plunged it into them self.

The child is believed to have retrieved the knife from the dishwasher while their parent was in another part of the house.

“It was an accident and it was a big scare for the parents,” said Sheriff Becker. “Small children are into everything and this one likes to do things on their own. It could have happened to anyone.”

The child was taken by helicopter to the University of Missouri Hospital in Columbia, MO, for treatment. The child was in stable condition.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office, Knox County Ambulance District, Air Evac Team and Knox City Volunteer Fire Department responded to the call.