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Knox County Health Department Solar Glasses Recall

The following information has been released by the Knox County Health Department:

Eclipse Glasses Recalled.

Knox County Health Department urges all residents who picked up glasses at the Knox County Health Department to throw away the glasses or return them to the department.

Administration spoke with Amazon today 8/17/2017 in the aftermath of various other recalls, and were told the following: “Amazon has not received confirmation from the supplier of your order that they sourced the item from a recommended manufacturer. We recommend you DO NOT use this product to view the sun or the eclipse”. At this time Knox County Health Department has been unable to reach RUNon, the supplier, to verify that the certifications are legitimate so must adhere to Amazons recall. At this time there is no alternative to distribute, but the health department recommends those interested in viewing the eclipse use welders glasses/goggles. We apologize for the inconvenience and are disappointed ourselves!

Certified for Eclipse means Shade 12 or higher.