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Old Parson & Nunan Building Demolition in Edina VIDEO

Demolition began on the old Parson & Nunan building in Edina, Missouri, on Wednesday morning, March 28, 2018. The building is located on Highway 6/East Lafayette Street west of North Main Street.

A one block section of Highway 6 was closed for a little over two hours during the demolition.

The building has been owned by the Knox County Community Development Corporation (KCCDC) since 1997 and has been vacant for more than 20 years.

According to the Edina Police Chief Ryan Bishop, the demolition project was undertaken by the owners of the building – and was not forced by the City of Edina.

The west side of the building was demolished first. After the debris is removed, demolition is expected to continue and the remaining east side of the building will be torn down.

This is not the same building deemed dangerous by City of Edina officials one day earlier.

Below is a video live streamed on Facebook during the initial phase of the demo project.

Note: It is reported at the beginning of the video that the building is owned by the Love family, which is incorrect.