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Wooden Bridge Fire Over Railroad Tracks, Police Investigating

Knox County, Missouri – Rutledge and Knox City Volunteer Departments responded to the report of a wooden bridge over BNSF Railroad tracks on fire at approximately 8:00 p.m. Sunday, April 29, 2018.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office and Knox County Road and Bridge Supervisor also responded to the call.

The wooden bridge is located approximately one mile southeast of Rutledge, Missouri on County Line Street.

According to Knox County Presiding Commissioner Evan Glasgow, the bridge belongs to the BNSF Railroad. The bridge has been closed by the County Road and Bridge Supervisor Tim Couch. The County Commission and Road and Bridge Supervisor will inspect the bridge on Monday morning.

According to a representative of the KCSO, the fire is under investigation by the KCSO and a BNSF Railroad Special Agent. The fire looked like it was purposely set. Debris was burning on top of a metal plate on the bridge when emergency responders arrived. Fire did affect the bridge, which burned some of the timber under the metal plate.

No injuries were reported.