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Edina Stolen Vehicle Has Been Recovered, Two Suspects in Custody

A photo of a stolen vehicle has spread far and wide from Edina, Missouri thanks to the social network Facebook, which has caused quite the buzz in and around Knox County.

According to a Facebook post published on Wednesday afternoon, a Knox County woman’s vehicle was stolen from the Citizens Bank of Edina within a 15-minute window on Wednesday, August 8, 2018.

Taylor Clary, a bank employee, left her vehicle in the parking lot and went into the bank building for work. She realized her vehicle was stolen when she tried to leave for the day. Bank surveillance cameras revealed the vehicle was stolen between 2:00 p.m. and 2:15 p.m., according to Clary.

She was quick to alert law enforcement and post a photo and information about her stolen vehicle online.

According to Edina Police Chief Ryan Bishop two suspects have since been taken into custody.

Casey Bodrov

Casey Bodrov, 27, of Edina, was taken into custody early Thursday morning at The Blessing Center in Edina by Edina Police Officer Mike Kite.

T.J. Englebrecht

T.J. Englbrecht, 32, of Edina, was taken into custody Thursday afternoon by the Scotland County Sheriff’s Office.

“He turned himself into the Scotland County Sheriff’s Office and told the deputies the stolen vehicle was at the Baring Sever Lake in Knox County,” said Chief Bishop. “I’m transporting him back to Knox County to be interviewed.”

(This story has been corrected. Clary left her vehicle in the morning before starting work and did not return to find it had been stolen until her shift ended. The original story stated she left her vehicle for 15 minutes, which was incorrect.)