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Knox County Commission Video Interview on 2019 Budget Surplus, Improvements at Sever Lakes, County Snow Removal

Edina, MO – Friday, January 18, 2019 – The Knox County Commission met with The Edina Sentinel before approving the 2019 Knox County Budget. The meeting was live streamed on the Facebook page and a recording of that interview is included below.

The commission discussed a surplus of funds carried over from 2018, which is substantial, and discussed in detail what they plan to do with some of that surplus to include paying off loans on equipment and vehicles and making an extra yearly payment on the courthouse improvement project.

A general discussion was held about the financial health of the county, plans for future improvements to the Sever Lake properties near Hurdland and Baring and the county rock program.

Unrelated to the budget, the commission also discussed snow removal from the last round of winter storms and for the coming round of storms.

See full video below: