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Deadline to Submit Letter of Interest to Fill Vacant KCR-1 School Board Seat is March 12

This story was published in the March 3, 2019 edition of The Edina Sentinel.

The Knox County R-1 School Board met with just enough for a quorum, which is four board members, during their regular monthly meetings on Tuesday, February 19, 2019.

During the meeting, Board President Matt Reel read a resignation letter submitted by Justin Parrish on January 17, 2019.

Parrish was first elected to serve on the KCR-1 School Board in 2014. The resignation comes just over one year before the completion of his third term in office.

The KCR-1 School Board voted unanimously to accept the resignation, with two board members, Kelly Hayes, and Shelly Bugh, absent from the meeting.

According to information released by the district, the remaining School Board members will begin accepting letters of interest from Knox County citizens to determine who to appoint to the board for the remainder of Parrish’s term.

Those are interested in being appointed to the KCR-1 School Board must declare the following eligibility requirements:

I declare that I am eligible to hold office in accordance with Missouri law.


1. Am a citizen of the United States of America. Mo. Const. art. VII, ‘8;’ 162.291, RSMo.

2. Am a resident taxpayer of the Knox County R-1 School District. 162.291, RSMo.

3. Will have resided in Missouri for a minimum of one year immediately preceding my election, if elected. Mo. Const. art. VII, ‘8;’ 162.291, RSMo.

4. Am at least 24 years of age. 162.291, RSMo.

5. Am not delinquent in the payment of any state income taxes, personal property taxes, municipal taxes or real property taxes on my place of residence listed below. If I am a past or present corporate officer of any fee office, I verify that the office does not owe any taxes to the state. I understand that I am required by law to file an affidavit stating these facts with the Missouri Department of Revenue. ‘ 115.306, RSMo.

6. Have not been found guilty of nor have I pled guilty to a felony or misdemeanor under the federal laws of the United State of America or to a felony under Missouri law or an offense committed in another state that would be considered a felony in Missouri. ‘ 115.306, RSMo.

7. Am not registered or required to be registered as a sex offender pursuant to Missouri law. ‘ 162.014, RSMo.

8. Have filed, or the treasurer of any existing candidate committee has filed, all required campaign disclosure reports with the Missouri Ethics Commission, when applicable, for all previous elections in which I was a candidate. ‘ 130.071, RSMo.

Note: All information provided to the district will be a public record and could be requested by members of the public under the Sunshine Law.

The KCR-1 School Board will conduct interviews during an open to the public meeting.

All letters should explain why the individual is interested in joining the board and include any qualifications necessary to be on the board. The deadline to submit a letter of interest to the central office at the KCR-1 School District is March 12.