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Letters To The Editor


 Dear Editor:

   Citizens of the Edina, there is a tax question on the ballot in the upcoming April election that needs your consideration. We are all aware that the streets are in poor condition throughout the City. They are of high priority for repair but that takes money. The City has budgeted $60,000.00 towards street repair for 2019, which is twice the amount budgeted in the past, but that doesn’t go very far. It roughly costs $4,000.00 to $5,000.00 to resurface one block. The funds budgeted will only repair 12-15 Blocks.

   Passing the .5 of 1% sales tax would help generate a considerable amount of funds which would be used exclusively to repair streets.

   To the taxpayer that is only .50 cents per $100.00 spent.

   As Mayor I urge you to vote in favor of this much needed tax increase which is long overdue.


Steve Peters, Mayor

City of Edina


Dear Editor:

   I am writing to ask the voters of Knox County to support the tax levy for the Knox County Health Department.

   At this time we have only one doctor office in Knox County and there is no way they can see all of the sick in this county. Without the levy increase the health department will have to cut back on their services, so please vote YES on April 2. Let us keep Knox County Health Department working for all of us.

Janice McGinnis

Edina, MO


Dear Editor:

   Knox County Health Department/ Home Health Agency, I cannot think of a better way to assure the health and welfare of Knox County Residents.

   It all started in 1973. The Knox County Commissioners were approached by the State of Missouri to offer a Knox County Health Department Demonstration unit. The demonstration unit would be funded by the state of Missouri for two years. At the end of the two year demonstration period  the county residents would be asked to vote for or against a milltax of .10 cents of $100.00 assessed evaluation. The need for health services was established as well as the need for staff that would work diligently to keep the community informed of new health uses, identified nationally, as well as the need to improve the health of local residents.

   Two years later, on November 1975 at the end of the demonstration period, Knox County residents voted for the milltax of .10 cents per $100.00 assessed evaluation. Health services were much needed. The county experienced new and different health causes as well as new and different ways of treating these conditions a need for increased Home Health Services and Child Care services was realized.

   In the last forty plus years Knox County Health Department/ Home Health Agency, continues to provide a multitude of services to Knox County residents, the list goes on and on. Visit the office for more information as the demand for services continue to increase.

   The Knox County Health Department/ Home Health Agency has a great staff of employees. The staff are well informed, experiences and intelligent. They have a vested interest in the county as well as the agency. The Knox County Health Department has provided a valuable service to the county for over 40 years. They are well established and will continue servicing the county for many more years.

   However, we cannot expect our Health Department to continue providing this much needed service to the community at the same rate as they have done since 1976. When the gas price was .59 cents per gallon, stamps were .13 cents, soda was .50 cents, movies were $2.00 and minimum wage was $2.30 per hour.

   Please go to the polls April 2, 2019 and vote YES to provide the Knox County Health Department/ Home Health Agency with the resources necessary to continue medical care for Knox County and its residents.

Respectfully Submitted

Esther Plowman

Hurdland, MO