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Letter to the Editor – Lil Troutt

Dear Editor,

I’m writing because of the notice for filing for the school board which started December 17 through January 21, 2020. I would like to encourage people that DO NOT have spouses or really close relatives working for the school to file for the position, if you care about how your tax dollars are spent. They handle the biggest percent of the property taxes paid to our county.

It seems like a BIG percent of our board members would certainly have a good reason to be ‘yes’ people to anything the Superintendent suggests because of repercussions. We have already heard from a resigned school board member that he regretted not asking more questions and/or searching out answers for himself.

I have served on several kinds of boards and realize that the person (no matter if a president, superintendent, pastor, administrator, etc.) is always going to make decisions that will help them look better and move up the ladder to a better job. It may not be the best for the community financially or for the better of the origination.

We need people that are willing to spend some time researching other sources of what is being presented and ask questions. It will take time and effort but you would be doing yourself and your community a good service.

I also don’t understand why the superintendent has worked for our county thirteen years and hasn’t been required to live in the county. By living in the county, the family would be supporting our taxes in several  ways (property, personal, food, gasoline, children in our school system, etc.) which helps pay the superintendent’s salary, which is over $100,000. Also, be more involved in the community activities. You would think for that kind of money, the superintendent would be willing to live in the county and support it. They used to be required to live here, so they moved here. Why did the school board change the rules?

Concerned Citizen,

Lil Troutt