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Knox County Prosecutor Joins Macon County Prosecutor’s Office Part-Time

By Echo Menges

Knox County Prosecutor Corey Moon has announced he is expanding his footprint in Northeast Missouri by accepting a part-time prosecutor position in Macon County. The new position does not affect his current position as the Knox County Prosecutor.

Moon’s office in the Knox County Courthouse will not be affected by the addition of the new job, which officially began on January 1. Moon recently left his position in private practice at the DeCoster Law Firm and accepted a position at Meisner Law Firm based in Macon, also on January 1.

The Knox County Prosecutor’s Office is open five days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. minus the lunch hour. The operation and hours of the Knox County Prosecutor’s Office will not be affected by the addition of the part-time position in Macon County.

“I wanted to get some more trial experience. Really, what I enjoy doing is criminal law and not civil practice as much – so I wanted to cut back on civil and do more criminal law work. Macon is a much busier office than the Knox County office. I think more experience will help me learn, and ultimately I’ll be able to serve the people of Knox County even better,” said Knox County Prosecutor Corey Moon. “We have some big trials coming up this year in Knox County. I’m looking forward to them.”

Prior to Moon being elected as the Knox County Prosecutor, he worked as an assistant prosecutor in Lewis County under Prosecutor Jules V. DeCoster where he prosecuted the majority of misdemeanor and felony criminal cases filed in the county, which accounts for several hundred per year. In Knox County, approximately 125 misdemeanor and felony criminal cases are filed annually, according to Moon.

“I feel like we’ve had a successful first year and I look forward to continuing to serve Knox County,” said Moon. “I’m not going anywhere. I really enjoy this job. I hope to have it for a long time.”