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Ralls County Emergency Services Announces Consolidation with Lewis County 911

PRESS RELEASE – Ralls County Emergency Services – Ralls County 911 and Marion-Lewis County 911 have officially consolidated public safety emergency communications and 911 dispatching operations by merging existing staff and resources into a single consolidated 911 Emergency Communications Center (ECC). A plan to combine the two dispatch centers came together in late 2019 and was approved unanimously by both the Marion and Ralls County Emergency Services Boards of Directors. The new consolidated 911 center began using
the name “Northeast Missouri Emergency Communications Center” or “NECOMM” this week.

Ralls 911 Board Member at Large Roger Stout said, “The Ralls County 911 board is happy to be able to secure this agreement with Marion-Lewis 911 as it allows us to provide the best possible 911 services to Ralls County residents while reducing the overall cost of providing these services.”

Marion County 911 Board Chairman Al Durand echoed Stout’s comments saying, “by working together over the past two years, both boards reached a consensus that by combining resources we will be able to provide a higher quality of service to the public at a lower cost which will be better than trying to continue to operate separately.”
Roger Stout added, “the last two years that we have worked with Marion-Lewis 911 has given our Ralls County dispatchers the opportunity to refine their skills by working in an environment with great leadership, by working with other dispatchers with more experience and they were exposed to a greater number of 911 calls that allowed them to improve through repetition of using their skills. We are happy to say that as part of this agreement all of the remaining Ralls County employees have been retained by Marion 911 and will continue to serve at the newly named Northeast MO Emergency Communications Center – and we are sure this will serve them well as they continue their careers.”

This decision to consolidate 911 operations with Marion and Lewis County will save Ralls County taxpayers $600,000 a year, or $3,000,000 over the first five years of the agreement. In addition, following a nationwide trend the State of Missouri passed a law in 2018 that offers grant funding and other incentives to 911 centers that voluntarily consolidate their operations, which will further benefit those who use 911 services throughout Northeast Missouri.