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Harrison Fishery and Knox County Commission Stock Sever Lakes VIDEO

By Echo Menges

Knox County Commission and Harrison Fishery Stock Hurdland and Baring Sever Lakes – Knox County Commissioners Ronnie Leckbee, Evan Glasgow and Roger Parton are shown helping to stock the Hurdland Sever Lake with over 56,000 Flathead minnows (150 pounds) on Monday morning, June 22, 2020. The same amount of fish were also released at the Baring Sever Lake the same day for a total of over 112,000 minnows.

The Commission reached out to local fish farm owner Curtis Harrison about how to improve the health of the fish at the lakes, which led to the decision to stock them with feeder fish. The minnows, which reproduce every 28 days, will serve as a food source for bigger fish in the lakes.

According to the Commission, another round of stocking will be done this fall or next spring to restock crappie in the lakes. Photo and video by Echo Menges