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Goodbye Stoplight – For Now *Update*


According to Edina Police Chief Ryan Bishop, the blinking stoplight will be repaired and rehung.

By Echo Menges

Due to an unfortunate collision, Edina, Missouri, has lost her only blinking stoplight.

On Wednesday morning, September 2, 2020, Clifton Ewalt, of rural Knox City accidentally took a right-turn too tight and took out a power pole and metal sign with a hay trailer attached to his Ford 4×4 pickup. The broken sign and power pole was affixed to the northeast corner of the intersection in front of the White Castle Carwash.

The poles were broken clean off and Edina’s blinking stoplight, which was attached to the wooden power pole, came down and landed in the middle of the Highway 6/Lafayette Street and the Highway 15 junction. A streetlight also came down with the wooden pole

The accident happened at about 10:15 a.m., according to Edina Police Chief Ryan Bishop. Bishop was at the four-way directing traffic before all of the debris could be cleared. The City of Edina and the Knox County Sheriff Allen Gudehus also help direct traffic immediately following the collision.

The broken power pole, which was blocking the westbound lane on Highway 6/Lafayette Street, was cut up by an Ameren Missouri lineman wielding a chainsaw, and Bishop and Edina Wastewater Superintendent Mike Wriedt moved the light out of the roadway before the intersection was reopened and traffic went back to normal.

Stop signs have long been affixed in the intersection pointing in every direction, and traffic began moving smoothly as soon as the intersection was cleared.

It is unknown what will become of Edina’s only stop light.

The light is owned by the City of Edina, however, MoDOT has maintained it for many years. After budgetary cuts, the City is not sure if MoDOT will help them replace it.

“It’s always been there to my recollection. I don’t ever remember it not being there,” said Edina City Clerk Margaret Gibson who has been working as Edina’s City Clerk since 1972. “The State used to replace light bulbs if a bulb burnt out, but the State has been cutting back.”

“Two of the blinking lights were already out,” said Edina Police Chief Ryan Bishop.

Fortunately, Ewalt and a passenger were not injured in the crash and no visible damage could be seen on his vehicle or his hay trailer.

“I hope today gets better,” said Clifton Ewalt as he waited to be released from the scene by law enforcement.