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Knox County Rescue Squad Hosts Drive Through Fish Fry

By Echo Menges

On Saturday, September 12, 2020, the Knox County Rescue Squad hosted their annual Fish Fry fundraiser at the Bink’s Firehouse in Edina. 

The event was held on what would have been the Knox County Corn Festival weekend, however, the event was canceled due to the pandemic.

The annual Corn Festival Opening Night Fish Fry serves as the Rescue Squad’s main fundraiser. They rely on donations from the community to stay afloat because they are not tax supported.

This year’s fish fry was held at the firehouse where Rescue Squad volunteers cooked. Patrons were asked to pull up on South Second Street and pickup their food.

This year’s fundraiser was greatly diminished compared to the annual Corn Festival Opening Night Fish Fry, which often serves well over 400 full meals each year. This year, Rescue Squad volunteers were grateful to those who came out to support the fundraiser. They sold approximately 300 meals and nearly 200 pounds of fried fish, although the Rescue Squad shortened the menu to Fish & Chips and dropped the price to only $5 per plate.

This year many of Knox County’s organizations are struggling find adequate venues for fundraisers commonly held at the Corn Festival.