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Edina Council Pushing Forward on Lake Property Improvements

March Edina City Council Minutes

Submitted by Margaret Gibson, City Clerk

DRAFT – March 8, 2021 – The Board of Aldermen met in regular session with Mayor Alex Reel presiding. Aldermen present: Dot Kriegshauser, David Bugh, Rick Yoakum, Mark Parrish, Staci Rimer. Alderman Delmar Strange participated by telephone. Absent: none.

Others present: Deacon Ken Berry, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church; Ryan Bishop,

Chief of Police; Corey Moon, City Attorney, (Echo Menges, The Edina Sentinel).

Mayor Reel called the meeting to order and the invocation was given by Deacon Ken Berry. The pledge of allegiance was recited.

Motion was made by Mark Parrish and seconded by David Bugh to approve the February 8, 2021 minutes and reports as presented. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion was made by Delmar Strange and seconded by Rick Yoakum to pay all bills as presented. Motion carried unanimously.

Mayor Reel reported to the Board that the City Attorney drafted a sample agreement that could be used between the City and a contractor for the water plant demo. This includes a requirement for liability insurance and 60 days for the completion of the project. Bid specs for the water plant demolition will also need to be prepared before seeking bids. The Department of Natural Resources will be contacted for their updated requirements for demolition.

Alex suggested that actually giving the former water plant building and property to someone with an approved plan might be an alternative to demolishing it. The Board agreed that someone that keeps the property clean and the building secure could be considered. The City Attorney agreed to check the legalities of a plan such as this and report back to the Board at the April meeting.

The agreement for haying the lake property was discussed. The Board agreed that the acreage available for haying will need to be adjusted slightly due to the development.

The Board considered an application for a building permit submitted by Steve

Peters for a storage building (12’x16’) to be built at 508 S. Campbell St.

Motion was made by David Bugh and seconded by Mark Parrish to approve this permit. Motion carried unanimously.

An application for a liquor license for Beeline #16, submitted by Ishwor Pokhrel on behalf of the Kailash Group LLC, was reviewed. The license for Original Package Liquor and Sunday Sales has already been approved by the State. Motion was made by Dot Kriegshauser and seconded by Staci Rimer to approve the City liquor license for Beeline #16. Motion carried unanimously.

Staci Rimer, representing the City Lake Development Committee, addressed the

Board. She reported that they met Thursday evening and agreed that they will be addressing the requests made by citizens on the survey submitted last November. She said the beginning of the development will be on the east side of the lake and there was a consensus to begin slowly by establishing a walking trail. This will be approximately half a mile in length and located approximately 4’-6’ from the water. Staci said the existing bridges are in good enough shape but will need some rock added around them. Alderman Mark Parrish offered to mow the proposed walking trail. Staci said a fish cleaning station on the boat ramp side of the lake was also suggested at the meeting. A tube is needed on the west side of the lake for better access to that area and Mayor Reel said Joe will be installing one.

Motion was made by Dot Kriegshauser and seconded by Mark Parrish for the committee to move forward and establish a walking trail at the City Lake property. Motion carried unanimously. Staci Rimer and Mark Parrish both agreed that they would welcome anyone interested in volunteering some time for the Lake development to contact them.

Alderman Rick Yoakum questioned Staci and Mark about possible plans for the former Club House building. They said it was also discussed at the committee meeting but those present agreed to start with a walking trail. There was a consensus of the Aldermen that this building is an asset that could be used for numerous events. A holding tank that could be pumped out was suggested for sewer service. A local contractor will be contacted to get an estimate for any improvements needed.

Alex reported that the former Hatfield building at 205 East Lafayette Street was recently demolished. She said the owner has not shared any future plans for the property. Scott Bryant of Baring was the contractor and there is hope that other property owners may be interested in having their dilapidated buildings demolished.

Rick Yoakum noted that the Police Department has been short staffed since the loss of Officer Mike Kite.

Chief Ryan Bishop said a portion of the April meeting will be closed for personnel issues.

Motion was made by Staci Rimer and seconded by David Bugh to adjourn. Motion carried and the meeting was adjourned.