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Reflections and Inspirations

The Tail of the Opossum

By Carolyn L. Primm


Opossum’s tail so long and sleek

Served well for quite a while,

Until the year sleek tails were out,

And bushy were in style.


Opossum sulked and stared at skunk,

“I want a tail like that!

But it would take a miracle

My hair’s so thin and flat.”


Fantasia Fox made promises,

“Opossum don’t be sad!

I have the stuff to add some fluff.

The cost won’t be too bad.”


I’d like to say Opossum kept

Her money, every pence,

Opossum had the dollars,

But, she was slightly short on sense.


Opossum crawled up in the chair,

Fantasia stood behind,

Swept on a cloak and sweetly spoke,

“Girl, you will look divine!”


Opossum sat with patience,

Fantasia truly tried.

But, in the end, I fear, my friend,

Possum’s tail looked electrified.


Nearsighted as Opossum was

She could not see her end

She believed the guff that her tail was fluffed,

And the ravings of her friends.


Opossum’s friends still loved her,

Tail styles they change real soon,

So, when Opossum left the shop,

There was no need for gloom.


Possum’s troubles are behind her,

However you interpret that, the words are true,

So, if you cannot change the facts

Just change your point of view.