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Knox County Area Chamber Discusses Upcoming Events

Knox County Area Chamber

Discusses Upcoming Events

By Carol Kincaid

   The April
meeting of the Knox County Chamber of Commerce was held at The Pizza Haus in
Edina on Tuesday evening, the 7th.

   There were
three main topics discussed by the members gathered.  One was the suggestion of a community service project involved
with the Pioneer Rangers Saddle Club on June 13.  The idea of Chamber members working the gates, ring, etc. was

Amy Miller suggested a Saddle Club member be invited to the next meeting to
talk to the Chamber members so they could find out just exactly what was
involved.  Also, it was asked if there
was a possibility the Chamber could also use the event as a fund-raiser.

   The second
topic was concerning the upcoming Trivia contest (May 2).   Members discussed what jobs the Chair of
the event (Debbie Edwards) might yet have to do, or need done the evening of
the event. 

   The final
topic of the evening was about an e-mail from Onshore Technologies about a
website proposed at the last meeting. 
After discussion, it was decided to invite both Onshore and Chamber
member Mark Twain to visit with Chamber Board members during the next meeting.

   The next
meeting of the Board is set at The Blue Room in Edina on May 7.