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Sharp Holdings Issues Statement Concerning Child Molestation Arrest

The following statement was received by The Edina Sentinel from Sharp Holdings, Inc., concerning the recent arrest of Jason D. Haley at the Heartland property:

On October 9, Jason Haley, an employee of Sharpe Holdings, was arrested at the New Creation Country Store in the Heartland Community.

Local media reports that Mr. Haley has been charged with first degree child molestation, forced sodomy and incest in Knox County and we are advised that there is the potential for additional charges in other counties as well.

Mr. Haley was employed doing various jobs at Sharpe Holdings’ farming operation, primarily in Lewis County, and began working at the convenience store in June of this year. Mr. Haley was never employed by either CNS International Ministries or Heartland Community Church, nor was he involved in the care of any children entrusted to these ministries.

Heartland is fully cooperating with the authorities in this investigation. Care and protection of children is the highest priority. We trust that the authorities will conduct a complete and fair investigation and we remind everyone that an accused is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law.

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