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CJ was born in Edina. He moved his family to Arizona in 1966. Passed away in Arizona April 8, 2021. Services will be held May 1 in Apache junction, AZ.

Born Charles Joseph (CJ) McAnulty to Nadine Gertrude (Bone) & Joseph Charles McAnulty on October 8, 1937.

Survived by: His wife of 64.5 years Carole (Rhoades) McAnulty, his sister Betty Jo Gonnerman, his children Pat (wife Lisa) McAnulty, Barbara (McAnulty) (husband Ray) Grace, Terry (wife Vickie) McAnulty and JR (wife Nancy) McAnulty. Grandchildren; Aaron and Emily, Mary, Tricia and Stella, JR jr and Bridget and 13 + great-grandchildren.

In his youth CJ attended St Joseph Church & School where he was an altar boy for several years. He went on to Edina Public High School from which he graduated. During high school he met Carole Rhoades, whom he married August 8, 1956 and they soon began their family.

When their sons were young CJ was an assistant leader in Boy Scouts. He also bravely accompanied his daughter’s girl scout troop to hike Kaibab trail to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. 17 miles, 3 days, 13 girls, 2 leaders + his wife later and they all returned to the rim of the canyon still in one piece.

CJ spent most of his working life as a vehicle mechanic, though in his early work life he was a Brunswick pinsetter mechanic for a bowling alley. His later mechanic days were spent as an RV technician. After “retiring” from the mechanic biz he worked at the RV and Sports show in Quartzite, a gift shop in Silverton and as gate manager at an oil well in the middle of nowhere.

Carole & CJ began square dancing in 1973 and have enjoyed many years of square dancing, clogging, camping and fellowship!

In 1990 they moved into an RV and lived in them since. They traveled extensively and have been to all four coasts; Mexico, California, Alaska and South Carolina. He was fond of saying “We don’t stay in one spot very long.”